“Under the name Flying Hórses, Jade Bergeron collects swirling “post-chamber” pieces that collapse the distance between many disparate instrumental genres.”


“A project that gained steam in both Montreal and Ottawa’s local scenes over the better part of 2014, Flying Hórses’ music is emotionally rooted in memories. Ruminating on these thoughts and feelings had the crowd lost in reflection, as she celebrated the release of Tölt, enrapturing the audience with her incredibly cinematic, evocative compositions.”


“There’s a childlike innocence and wonder that you get when you listen to Flying Hórses. The music is expansive, beautiful and full of curious moments.”

Ride The Tempo

“Sorg Sea is a cinematic, modern classical, post-chamber piece, somewhat in a deceptively uplifting tonality, with a hint of darkness that eclipses some of the Montreal’s and Reykjavik’s post-rock scenes.”

Headphone Commute

“Sorg Sea is very profound. It reaches into your soul and permeates throughout your body, and that’s without watching the video that goes with it. Bergeron is a master at the keys, exuding feeling in every key stroke.”

Echoes & Dust

“Serving up thoughtful compositions and imaginative arrangements on a menagerie of instruments performed with a perfect balance between tenderness and conviction. Add the impeccable musicianship and richly resonant recording and it is enough to win over any listener.”

Stationary Travels

“Flying Hórses a composé Sorg Sea, une longue complainte sensible toute en subtilités.”


“Tölt is a welcome entry into the canon of fairy tale scoring.”

A Closer Listen